Generation Frugal
La Grande, Oregon

Bio: Frugal mom living better with coupon cash! I am a writer, a realtor, a frugalist, and creative being I have five kids under the age of 10 and I'm learning how to stretch a dollar if you know what I mean! I am so excited about frugality I want to share with the world. I love new DIY projects that save money, and great ideas in general! Since I started couponing hardcore a few months ago, we have been about to stretch my hubbys paycheck a lot further, have a lot more food and I have a budding hobby I enjoy! Win-WIN! I have my degree from the University of Oregon, go DUCKS, had to throw that in there! My BA is in Electronic Media, minor in Chinese Literature from the school of Journalism and Communication. I have been also selling real estate for about 8 years in my little, sweet hometown in good ole Eastern Oregon! I hope to share my views as a Generation Y person, age (18-34) in society today, living thru the ups and downs of recession and growth. I consider extreme couponing an Art and defiantly a skill, game, etc. Once you get good at it, your freezer/fridge/stockpile will be full of food and non-food items your family needs for FREE (or close to it). Take a shot, give it a chance and change the way you spend and shop.

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